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Are you having trouble sleeping because of snoring or sleep apnea? Our sleep apnea treatment in Englewood is near our physical office in Castle Rock. It specializes in providing expert care and personalized treatment plans. These plans can help you achieve restful, rejuvenating sleep.

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What Are the Dangers of Not Getting Enough Sleep?

Not getting ample sleep can mess with your brain, making it hard to remember things, stay focused, or make good decisions. First, you might also feel grumpy, sad, or moody if you need to sleep more. 

Next, not sleeping well can also make you more likely to get sick because it weakens your body's defenses against germs. It can even make you more likely to have significant health problems like obesity, diabetes, or heart disease. 

Our Englewood, Colorado, sleep apnea treatment specialists can help address this concern. Also, when you don't sleep enough, your body can't work as well as it should. You might not be as coordinated or quick, making accidents more likely.

Hence, it can also make it harder to do well at school, work, or other things you need to do.Plus, not sleeping enough can always make you feel hungry, especially for unhealthy foods. Consequently, you will gain weight. 

Finally, staying focused and alert is more challenging if you're exhausted, especially when driving. Thus, it can be perilous and cause accidents.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We understand the profound impact of sleep disorders on your overall health and quality of life. That's why our Englewood sleep apnea treatment team delivers the highest standard of care to every patient who walks through our doors.

Our Comprehensive Services

Whether you're struggling with chronic snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, or other sleep-related issues, we’re here to help. We offer a plethora of services, including:

Diagnostic Testing - Our sleep specialists will carefully assess your symptoms and medical background to pinpoint the root cause of your sleep issues.

Customized Treatment Plans - Considering your specific needs and preferences, we'll design a customized treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Oral Appliance Therapy- Our sleep apnea dental treatment Englewood team offers custom-fit oral appliances to reposition the jaw and tongue. These devices help alleviate snoring and improve airflow during sleep.These dental appliances stabilize your jaw during sleep, preventing snoring. They're non-electric, space-saving, and simple to clean. Unlike CPAP, they're quiet, mask-free, and portable, making them perfect for travelers.

Lifestyle Counseling- Our team will guide you toward healthy lifestyle habits and sleep hygiene practices to support your well-being.

Expert Care and Compassionate Support

We understand that compassionate care is essential alongside clinical skills. Our Englewood, Colorado, sleep apnea treatment team listens to your worries, answers your questions, and supports you throughout your treatment.

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