Silencing Bedrooms Everywhere

How Refresh Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center is dedicated to enhancing your sleep quality by providing an elegant alternative to CPAP therapy.

Problem We Solve
Better breathing = better sleeping = better living
Our Mission
We strive for better quality sleep so that you can have more vibrant days, empower better relationships, and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

At Refreshed Sleep We Go Above and Beyond

Dr. McLain keeps an active membership in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and the Academy of General Dentistry. We are proud of her prior military service. During her time at the Pentagon she excelled at sleep apnea management treating some of the nations highest ranking military personnel. Rest easy knowing you are in the best possible hands at Refresh Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center.

Meet the doctor

Dr. Brenna McLain

I want to take you on my life’s journey into the world of sleep management. Growing up, I watched both of my parents practice as dentists.  I found it to be a beautiful field mixing art, creativity, science, and medicine. So I chose to go to dental school hoping to help improve peoples’ dental health and wellness.

After I started practicing, I discovered it was incredibly difficult for me to listen to the constant onslaught of my patients' mistrust, fear, pain, and negativity, especially when my main focus was to serve their dental needs in order to help them be healthier.

I was constantly being told, “I hate the dentist”.  I started to feel very discouraged about dentistry as a whole.

To make matters worse, at that time in my career, I was working as a dentist inside of the Pentagon; the epicenter of people who are overworked, overtired, and overstressed.  

It is a grueling and challenging environment.  The dental office was the last place anyone wanted to be.  So my daily work didn’t feel like a profession, it felt like a job that I had to drudge through every day.

Coincidentally around the same time, my father left traditional dentistry in pursuit of a new and emerging treatment field, dental sleep medicine.

For some context;  as a medical community, we have really only started to understand, diagnose, and treat sleep apnea since the 1980s.  

I watched my father become a pioneer, blazing a new path outside of the standard dental office.

I watched him adopt dental appliance therapy into his practice, and I saw how different and transformative it was for peoples’ overall lives.  It was illuminating and exciting to watch that evolution.

During the initial years of my career, I spent a lot of time considering my career trajectory and I didn’t want to have to go to a job every day that I wasn’t passionate about.

I wanted to have a purpose for showing up.  While in the Pentagon, I started focusing my attention more strongly on dental sleep medicine and I got to watch how truly life-changing a good night’s rest can be.

I witnessed it positively impacting my patients everywhere all the way from the White House down to my own bedroom where my husband and I have both benefited from better nights thanks to dental devices. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to change my course and focus on sleep.  I love watching the spark that better sleep has on people’s health and well-being.

Now I have a mission to create healthier bedrooms everywhere.  And I am thrilled to report that my patients are actually excited to see me, and are no longer fearful of coming to their appointments.  

If you are looking to recapture your days, I would be honored to walk side by side with you.  Let’s see how a good night can truly change your life!


Exceed Expectations
We are always aware of our patients’ needs and over-deliver on our promise to provide an exceptional patient experience so that when they leave, we have addressed their concerns and they are delighted to refer their friends and family to our practice.
We commit to act with integrity and honesty so that we can always trust our team, and in turn, our patients will trust our office.
Open Communication
We will effectively communicate as a team to stay on the same path toward our office goals; which includes transparent communication with our patients.
We understand that everyone is coming from a different place and has their own unique struggles. We treat our patients, and each other with empathy and understanding so that everyone feels safe and heard.
Internally Motivated
We empower employees to be independent, take initiative, consider new ideas and give their best. We hope they treat new challenges as opportunities to grow.
We strive to create and follow systems in order to provide an efficient experience for our patients, and work as a team by learning from each other while working towards a common goal.
We are continually working towards ongoing growth education and outreach amongst physician peers and patients in order to serve a larger population. Recognition of our brand should equate to excellence in the field and confidence in our abilities.
We pride ourselves on staying current with advancements in the field. With continuing education and training we can provide the best possible solutions for our patient’s needs.
We believe in creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance for our team, so that we can have the mental energy to have both great days at home and in the office.
Most importantly never forget that everyone Is capable of doing hard things, we all have the power to create optimal health and personal and professional relationships in whatever capacity we see fit.


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